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ya know im so sick of guys. uggh they irritate me. if i didnt like sex with a man soo friggin much id become a lesbian and shun all things male. other than my son of course. LOL


why tell a woman how much you want to be with them and then say oh wait your one of my good friends wives i cant have sex with you or do any of those things no matter how bad i want to do them. WTF why tell me and get me all hot and bothered if you arent gonna follow through?dont say "oh i deffinatly would fuck you if you werent married to one of my friends" I know that sounds really Ho-ish considering im married but geez. hello!! its human nature if some one that you kinda find attractive finds you attractive and sexy and tells you over and over and then tells you all the things they wanna do to you , your gonna wanna do it.

so you see the good girl in me says no dont stay away from him yet the very very naughty very horney lately side of me says OMG FUCK HIM!!!!!!! call me a ho call me what ever you want. i know its soooo wrong to think like that when im married but dont even try to act like most of yall havent.

geezus what the hell is wrong with me?

anyway on a lighter note........ (rolling my eyes).....Jamies doing good in school. ive got a wonderful parent to parent confrence sometime this week with the mother of a little boy who taught my son to flip people off and to tell them he is doing it. GRRRRRRRR... ya know you try so friggin hard to raise your kids right and then you put them in public schools and it all goes down the drain. Last year it was the little boy that wouldnt stop hitting jamie so we had to teach him how to defend himself now its the obscene gestures. why cant everyone just teach their kids to behave? Jamie still isnt too sure if he likes one of his teachers. she comes off to james as really fake and sometimes she seems that way to me but then sometimes she just seems off. LOL. what a horrible thing to say about my kids teacher.

ok on an even lighter note ( rolling my eyes again).... ive got to go back to work tomorrow. i dont have another day off until goodness knows when. im dreading friday and saturday cuz i know ill get stuck on make line and ill get slammed. *KAPOW* id rather be on ovens but.... im not 100% sure i could catch all the pizzas coming outta there when we are slammed. i know im not gonna be on phones..yet. im almost ready but not quite. so i guess my happy ass is staying on make line. LOL. id be fine if they wouldnt stick me with some 17 yr old turd that wants to be an ass. umm i dont give a shit who you are if your younger than me dont dare snap at me. Maybe ill get lucky and mo, blake and trey will be working friday and saturday LOL then i can just have them run get fluffed cheese and sause for me. hee hee! Mo is an absloute doll! he is the most helpful person in that place i think. hes just awesome! Blake is training for manager which works for me cuz he wont yell at me. maybe if we get darren fired then blake can be a full time manager LOL.

Ive got a meeting tomorrow at 11 with a lady about her wedding cake. she says its simple looking to her but that other ppl say it looks hard so i have no clue what im in for. shes not getting married till april tho so ill have planty of time to figure out what the hell to do if its a difficult cake. ive got that one wedding coming up in Oct and i still havent gotten my deposit for the cake so im not sure if im even gonna still do the cake cuz she passed her deposit date. Shes yet to even sign her contract. grrrrrr. i hate procrastinators even tho i am one sometimes.

OK ive got to get off here and go to bed. Jamies already zonked out on my bed and i didnt read him his library books tonight cuz we ran outta time so i guess ill be reading them before school tomorrow!


TaTa for now people!!!

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