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I had to work today. OMGosh the night dragged by. With it being Wenesday night we had a few church orders but not many. so it was kinda slow. we had to break down the makeline, bars and all cuz something was nassy back there and makeing the place STINK!!!! Trish is leaving for good in a week or so and im debating wether i want to stay or not, i really dont want to have to deal with Darren 90% of the time though. They are training Blake for manager though and im hopeing he wont be a hard ass. Weve got inspection coming up some time this week and im dreading it because it means that the store has to be cleaned from celing to floor. Shirts have to be tucked in and hats have to be worn at all times, not to mention constant supervision. grrrr. But if we dont pass we will get shut down. fun fun!

I cant wait for friday i get paid!!! woo hooo!!!!

Jamie had an episode at school today. I soo cant wait to get ahold of a few kids mommas. why cant ppl teach their kids to be nice and behave? This little boy Richard in his class we had problems with him last year. Hes a real troublemaker. But anyway he i guess didnt like what Jamie was saying and told jamie to shut his pie hole. can you imagine.Ugggh. so now i get to talk to both sammy and richards moms. Ive talked to the teachers and they dont seem to be doing anything. Sigh! I love talking to moms.

We rented "The Wedding DATE" tonight! it was adorable! I love Debra Messing and Dylan McDermont anyway but they were adorable in this movie!! deffinatly a go rent.

I met with a bride and groom today that are intrested in having me do their cake for their wedding! I had to go super cheap for them because i know they are one a really really tight budget for the wedding. The bride is SUCH a doll. She invited me and Jamie to their churches homecoming this sunday and im actually considering going. yes yes i know ME going to church??? miracles do happen. Trish has asked me to go with her a couple times and im thinking about going with her to. I'd really like to get Jamie in church, but i want it to be a good church, something that has a childrens program because so many now days around here focus on the older members and not the younger ones so id like to find a youth oriented church.

Anyway i guess im going to get off here and head to bed and curl up with my little monkey thats snoozing on my bed!!!

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